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Inchstone Passport © 2023 

Empowering all advocates

Stage by Stage, step by step - Together

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What is it?

🌈 Attention, young warriors with incredible strength! 🎉 Dive into this adventure designed exclusively for extraordinary kids battling complex medical challenges. Collect exclusive inchstone stickers and enlist in our Courage Club! 🚀

Embark on a joyous journey, celebrating every milestone in your child's epic tale – no victory is too small! Parents, this is your rallying point for heartwarming moments and uniting with a fantastic community. 🤝

Together, let's transform challenges into triumphs, earning inchstones along the way! 🌟 Join the expedition today and paint your journey with courage! 🧡 #InchstoneAdventures #CourageClubRecruits #EveryInchstoneMatters

I have my Inchstone Passport ©

What next?

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Become an Official Citizen

Deploy the fun by scanning the QR code on page 2 of your passport to officially enlist as a Courage Club Soldier. Access top-secret "Secret Missions" and "Family Missions" crafted exclusively for your hero! 

As a Battle-Tested Citizen, gear up for monthly Limited Edition missions that morph into Inchstones & badges of honour commemorating your journey. 🎖️

Join the Courage Club

🌟 Report for duty! 🚀 Monthly missions are live in the Courage Club! Sign up, conquer your mission online, and once HQ verifies your success, we'll dispatch a coveted inchstone straight to your passport by mail.

🕵️‍♂️ Ready for the challenge, soldier? Enlist now! 💪🎖️ #CourageClubMissionComplete #InchstoneDispatched

Collect Inchstones

Draft your own missions, earn your stripes, and stamp your mark on the journey. Unleash the hero within, and apply for the esteemed "Child of Courage" title!

Become a force to be reckoned with – the most spirited soldiers stand a chance to win fantastic prizes! 🏆 Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to make every inch of your passport a testament to your bravery! 🌟

Join forces with Inchstone Passport Project, and let's make a difference together! 🌈 Businesses, schools, and hospital wards, enlist now to receive your exclusive mission kit: a QR code, a personalised limited edition missions, and a stamp station! 📜 Become a vital part of our courage-spreading battalion. Stamp the journey of resilience and triumph for incredible kids with complex medical needs! 💪 Ready to make a mark? Report for duty and sign up today! 🌟 #AlliesForCourage #InchstoneMissionKit #JoinTheForce 📝 JOIN FORCES

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Stage by Stage 
Step by Step  

Courage Club Starter Pack (1).jpg
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